Madison Rayne On TNA or WWE Starting the Women’s Revolution, Her 2017 WWE Tryout, Facing Mandy Leon In ROH

Former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne, who will be competing in the ROH Women of Honor tournament later this month, recently spoke with Scott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine. Below are some interview highlights.

On the question of TNA or WWE beginning the Women’s Revolution in wrestling:

“The Knockouts division was a launching point for women’s wrestling all those years ago,” Rayne said.

“I know right now there is a lot of contention of, ‘Well, the Knockouts started the Women’s Revolution.’ At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. The Knockouts in 2007 did their thing and probably inspired many who are doing it now in WWE and Ring of Honor and Impact. I hate getting caught up into who did it and who did it better. I think for many years it has been growing and getting bigger and better. It makes me feel good that I was part of this first generation and did it at such a young age. I think I was 21 when I had my first tryout match at TNA. I’ve done it for so long. I’m in that really good spot involved heavily back then and involved into it now. It’s fun.”

On her WWE tryout last year:

“It’s so rewarding for me because I’ve been incredibly fortunate in my career. I was signed with TNA three years after I started. So, I have never been an extra for WWE or had a tryout. I’ve never done anything with them prior to last October. To finally be there and see it all and see how professionally it’s run and what a well-oiled machine it is, and wrestle in a WWE ring. It was amazing. The burning question since then has been, ‘Well, what now? ‘I don’t know. Will I go back? I don’t know. Right now, I’m humbled to have had the opportunity. I’m equally as humbled to be asked and received back to Ring of Honor last November when I re-debuted there.”

On facing Mandy Leon in the first round of the ROH Women of Honor tournament:

“She is one of the ones I haven’t had the opportunity to be in the ring with. I’m looking forward to it,” Rayne said.

“She is one of the faces of Women of Honor. I think it’s going to be a really good match. I also think I will come out of top. It’s humbling that they would think enough of me and my abilities to put me in there with one of their homegrown talent and top girls.”

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Channel Guide Magazine

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