Lisa Marie Varon Issues Statement On Business Fire, Consumer Watch Allegations

TNA Wrestling talent Lisa Marie Varon (a/k/a Tara) issued a statement this morning on her MySpace account regarding her custom car shop in Louisville, Black Widow Customs, catching on fire yesterday. She notes having tumors cut out of her breast when the incident occurred.

She also addressed her business being the subject of a Consumer Watch investigation on a local news station. She hinted that BWC will be taking legal action.

Below is her statement:

Thanks everybody !

Hey WPF’s !

I just want to reach out to everyone who has expressed their concern over the fire at Black Widow Customs. First, thanks so much! The most important thing is that no one was hurt. Also, our window tinter Justin walked in on the fire. He acted heroically by first warning the neighbors, then attempting to put it out himself, and assisting the fireman as they scrambled to the scene. And for those who weren’t aware, there was an ice storm the previous night, and the roads were covered in sheets of ice, but the fire department arrived very quickly and kept it from being a VERY bad situation. So much thanks to them as well. The damage looks a lot worse than it is. The weeks leading up to Christmas are obviously a very busy time of the year for any retailer, and BWC will reopen ASAP. It may be as soon as Monday, although we’ll know better later today.

A local news station has also focused on an unhappy customer recently. I know the guys at BWC work hard and and take pride in what they do. I’m confident that they did the right thing, and anyone who knows me knows that I believe that the best defense is a good offense. You’ll be hearing more on this once BWC takes action.

More importantly right now, BWC has some hard working, dedicated employees that are suddenly out of work ten days before Christmas through no fault of their own. I will personally make sure that their hard work is rewarded, and that they have a happy holiday season.

And finally, yesterday morning I was having some tumors cut out of my breast. I have had them before, and they always turn out to be nothing. But they have to be checked. They had always been tiny little biopsies. Unfortunately, this time I had to be completely put out. When I came to in recovery, I was pretty groggy. I was going through my phone, and I got a text from former WWE Superstar Domino. He asked ‘are you okay?’. So I replied, ‘yes’. Then he said,’Good. Saw the news and was wondering’. And I was thinking, how is it on the news that I’m getting my boob cut on? Obviously, he was talking about the fire, which I didn’t know about yet…

Anyway, thanks for your support, but I am fine. I am actually better than fine. Although it’s appreciated, show your concern for those who need it. This holiday season I’m counting my blessings, and I hope you are too.

Later Holiday Taters, Lisa Marie : )

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