Legend Ballistic Over McMahon's Letter, Ivory Rips WWE, Puder Rips OVW Fans

partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Former WWF Champion Bruno Sammartino was one of the 500 or so ex-performers to receive a letter from Vince McMahon offering to pay for rehab. When he received the letter, apparently he went ballistic. Sammartino was under contract to WWE in the 80s, so he would be on file with them. Sammartino was mad enough about the letter that he nearly called a press conference.

— There is a brief interview with former WWE Diva Lisa “Ivory” Moretti in the latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated where they ask her about random things. In the interview, Moretti takes a shot at WWE when asked about the last movie she saw that made her want a refund.

Q: What’s the last movie you saw that made you want to demand a refund?

A: With Netflix, I always pick good movies. I can say that whenever I watch Raw it makes my guts churn. It makes me feel sad and embarrassed. It’s a shame what is has become.

— Yahoo! Sports has an article on WWE Tough Enough 4 champion Daniel Puder and his present-day MMA exploits. In the article, he briefly talks about his career as a professional wrestler in Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2005, or rather, their fans. Puder said, “I was in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling). And we had this one town in Kentucky we went to every week, it was basically an old barn. There were the same 20 people there every time, they all looked the same, they all had maybe three teeth each, and they all had the same name. Finally one night I walked in and saw all the inbreds and thought to myself ‘What am I doing with my life?'” You can read the article at this link.

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