Latest On Team 3D's Status, What Drew Impact's Best Rating In Several Months

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

— Catching up on some TNA Impact ratings winners & losers figures, here are the numbers for the 7/10 show. A match pitting Doug Williams against Masato Yoshino, a backstage segment with Kurt Angle & The Beautiful People, and a Dutt-Lethal brawl with kids in a gym lost 82,000 viewers. The Matt Morgan video and Kip James & Petey Williams & Tomko vs. B.G. James & Eric Young & Morgan match gained 69,000 viewers. The big Amazing Kong vs. Taylor Wilde title change match actually lost viewers. Wilde’s big win lost 41,000 viewers. The Kaz vs. Ultimo Guerrero match and Angle yelling at Beautiful People (with Angelina Love getting a tan) gained 137,000 viewers and drew the show’s peak rating at 1.08. The Booker/Joe confrontation featuring the return of Sting, plus a Gail Kim/Angelina Love video packaged lost 192,000 viewers. The main event featuring Kurt Angle & The Beautiful People vs. A.J. Styles & ODB & Gail Kim gained 178,000 viewers and did a 1.07 rating. Overall, the 7/10 show did a 1.02 rating a 1.4 million viewers, a number that was up from the past three months. In the demos, the show did a 0.56 in Males 18-34 and 0.74 in Males 35-49.

— For the 7/17 show, the show opened strong with a 1.14 rating. However, things took a turn for the worst as the show lost 286,000 viewers after the first 15 minutes. The Kaz vs. Petey Williams match and a Samoa Joe/Kevin Nash backstage interview lost 286,000 viewers. Matt Morgan wrestling Jimmy Rave and Lance Rock gained 29,000 viewers. Team 3-D & Kurt Angle cutting a promo gained 161,000 viewers. During this show, they featured a women’s battle royale gauntlet match for a shot at the Knockouts title (which Velvet Sky ended up winning), and it gained 264,000 viewers. The match drew a 1.25 quarter hour rating, which would be Impact’s highest quarter in months, probably since February. However, the next segment pretty much lost all of those gained viewers. A Jay Lethal & SoCal Val interview and Johnny Devine vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Eric Young match lost 249,000 viewers. Beer Money whipping a fan, Scott D’Amore, Pat Kenney and LAX lost 73,000 viewers. The main event featuring Consequences Creed vs. Booker T in a stretcher match lost 103,000 viewers and finished at 0.96. Overall, the 7/17 show did a 1.05 rating and 1.5 million viewers, the most viewers the show has done in three months. In the demos, the show did a 0.66 in Males 18-34 and 0.82 in Males 35-49, and 0.48 in Women 18-49. The Women viewership was way up, as they usually do half that, at most.

— As reported earlier, Team 3D’s TNA contracts are set to expire sometime next month. The two sides are discussing a new deal, but nothing has been signed at this point.

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