Kurt Angle Says He'll Fight For UFC In 2009 & Dana White's Reaction

Source: TheSun.co.uk

Kurt Angle was interviewed this week by the UK Sun and says he can “almost guarantee” he’ll be fighting in the UFC next year. “I’m talking to several fight companies about doing MMA by the end of next year – 2009. I’m going to cross over to the MMA world for a while but I want to end up back in TNA and back in wrestling. I’ve always wanted to do it. I’m the only Olympic gold medallist that will enter the Octagon and it feels right for me. I can almost guarantee you’re going to see me in the Octagon.”

Angle added, “It depends on which company gives me the best deal. I’m getting offers from the UFC, Pro Elite XC, Affliction and the IFL. It really comes down to who is going to give me the best deal and which fight would be best for me.”

Angle makes it clear that even though MMA is something he’s determined to do, he’s “The important thing is that whatever I do outside of TNA – I want to represent TNA and do well. God-willing, I’ll walk away successful and I can come away from MMA saying ‘I did it’ and go back to my professional wrestling routes.”

UFC president Dana White stated in an interview this summer that Angle’s neck injury “scares the shit out of me.” White stated that Angle is a friend, but his comments thus far indicate that he doesn’t seem to be taking Angle’s interest in MMA seriously.

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