Konnan & Killings Update, Gail Kim Comments On Benoit, TNA Commercial On Fox

— Konnan’s profile has been removed from the roster section on TNA’s official website, so it looks like he’s officially through with the company. On the otherhand, Ron Killings’ profile is still in the roster section, so he’s still technically apart of TNA. Even though he may have quit, he probably hasn’t been given his release papers. TNA has denied his several requests to be released in the past.

— Gail Kim made a statement regarding the Benoit tragedy on the forum of her official website, TheGailKim.com. Here is her statement:

“I can see that everyone has been shocked by the Chris Benoit family tragedy and I didnt want to speak on this topic since the news came out. I received the news the day after I got home from the last road trip and was resting when i was notified that Chris and his wife were dead. I woke up immediately and was in total shock. My first thoughts were ….was it an accident? I couldn’t believe it! I reached out to my friends in the business and slowly i started to hear more details. I can honestly say until yesterday I was in a state of shock and confusion. Its almost like you dont want to believe the details that you were hearing because thats not the Chris we all knew. Like you have probably heard before, Chris was one of the good guys in the business…passionate, intense, quiet, and always so nice. I loved his family and they were always a pleasure to be around…truly. Daniel was such a cute kid who you could tell looked up to his father and loved wrestling as well. Its so strange how we all think we know what someone’s like and then something like this happens. I think I am still in the stage of not wanting to believe it…. but it did happen. The news coverage blaming the steroids? I dont believe it was roid rage…it sounds like from the investigation that this was not a “in the moment” incident. it happened over the course of the weekend. Who knows if steroids affected him in terms of long term use…. we dont know any details about his personal life, his health, etc… so i dont want to draw any conclusions myself. its just been a sad few days that I cant seem to stop thinking about and I know we are all asking the question WHY? I dont think we’ll ever find out the answer to that question.” -Gail Kim

— Jason sent this along… Just thought you may want to know that a commercial for TNA aired on FOX during an episode of “The Loop.” The commercial wasnt long at all and it only said “watch TNA wrestling” it didn’t even specify a channel.

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