Killam’s WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions: Who Leaves Hell Tag Team Champs? Jinder/Nakamura is a No-Win Situation

Shane v Kevin – Hell in a Cell 2017

The Smackdown Live brand has finally arrived at the doorsteps of Hell in a Cell, and your beloved Senior Editor and Creative Director is here to break down every single one of the matches and offer my predictions on the show! I’m pretty excited for all of my educated guesses to be completely wrong… will of course have exclusive, up-to-the-minute live coverage of WWE Hell in a Cell TONIGHT starting with the Kickoff Show at 7:00PM EST. Join us all night long and discuss the event in our brand new comments section. In fact, while you’re here why not scroll down and leave your own predictions for the show?

Let’s get started…

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The split of the Hype Bros has been telegraphed since Zack Ryder’s return from injury. If it doesn’t happen this week, even if they’re stuck in the inconsequential pre-show slot, we’re all doomed to sit through another month of television losses; neither the roster nor my attention is deep enough to withstand that.

From its inception the Hype Bros concept was just a vehicle to hide Mojo’s weaknesses while he improved. It’s an age-old strategy that’s worked for decades. Personally, I’m much more interested in the idea of a heel Zack Ryder. There’s a whole lot of real-life frustration and animosity that could be harnessed into a great character with a ton of momentum, if handled properly. And let’s face it – Mojo was a villain sounds terrible.

Benjamin and Gable should, and likely will get the win on the Kickoff show. I’m not sure what they’re long-term plan is for them, but it’s unlikely either would be utilized well in the crowded singles scene right now. With the New Day/Usos program seemingly coming to an end tonight, the World’s Gablest Tag Team is virtually the only option next in line unless we see an NXT call-up on Smackdown.

Who SHOULD Win: Gable & Benjamin
Who WILL Win: Gable & Benjamin

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