Kenny Omega Says Roman Reigns’ WWE Character Psychology “Doesn’t Seem to Be True”

IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega, along with WWE star Roman Reigns, recently spoke with Mel Magazine, as the article probes the current “era of sexually fluid” professional wrestlers.

The article argues that one of the reasons why Roman Reigns’ WWE character might not be connecting with a majority of WWE fans is because he is portrayed as the hardman with swagger, whereas Kenny Omega displays a softer side to his character.

“That’s what makes me appealing — that I’m confident, I believe in myself and I think everybody can relate to that,” Reigns explains. “That’s something everybody should relate to. It’s called self-esteem for a reason. You can’t get it from anybody else. If I project that, if I portray that, it’s empowering to so many people who are a little insecure, who get nervous.”

Omega does not seem to buy Reigns’ psychology logic, as the article notes he laughed at Reigns’ quote, and added, “it also doesn’t seem true, either. People go through [heartbreak]in all walks of life, regardless of age, sex, religion or whatever. There are times you break up with a loved one, a friend or whatever. You feel alone. It’s a very easy feeling to understand — the feeling of loss, heartache and pain. So I’ve put myself in a position to feel pain alongside with the fans.”

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Mel Magazine

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