Ken Shamrock On McMahon vs. Dana White, WWE Title, Being Snubbed By UFC

The following are highlights from a recent interview with former WWE Superstar and UFC Hall Of Famer Ken Shamrock:

On Vince McMahon versus Dana White as businessmen: “Vince McMahon is the type of guy that if you’re doing business for him, he’ll pat you on the back and be nice to you, but you know where you stand. Either you’re making money for him or you’re not. And that’s the way it is. He never lied to me, not that I know of… You can take someone that Vince didn’t like, If he found a way to make money with him, he’d put him on the show. It was about business. He would find a way to make it work. Like he did with Bret Hart. They didn’t get along for the longest time. But Vince knew he could use him to make money and Bret knew he could make money. So even though at times they weren’t on the same page, they still did business. That’s what Dana lacks. He doesn’t know how to put aside his feelings and not take everything personal and do business even with people you don’t like.”

On why he was never WWE Champion: “To this day, I don’t know. I thought when I was doing the angle with the Rock… and he went on after I ended up getting the (intercontinental) belt, he ended up going on and facing Stone Cold and some of the other guys and ended up getting the belt, I thought I would move up and go after him because of what we had done prior to that… it just never flourished. It seemed like I went in the other direction. I thought I did everything right, that I was in a good position to make those moves. I really don’t know.”

On being snubbed by UFC regarding their 20th anniversary: “There’s a lot of guys not involved. If you look at the history of the UFC prior to Zuffa, it’s almost like they’re banished… Just look at some of the guys out there that were really fighting four times in one night, bare-knuckled, no rules. It really made the UFC and the grounds of the UFC to be what it is today. Today, it’s a little more sanctioned, but really was raw and it really was guys that were put in there, putting it all on the line, for no money. But you don’t see any of these guys being recognized. You don’t see any of these names- I saw Don Frye at a fight the other night, and he was sitting out in the audience. He wasn’t even inside the cage. It breaks my heart when I see these things because all these promoters walk around with these nice little suits on, acting like they’re big shots, and they’re inside the ring. And you have some of these young fighters, who are up and coming, in there trying to promote the next fight, you’ve got celebrities on the inside, all the fine ladies on the inside. Then you got guys like Don Frye, myself, and a few other guys, sitting outside the cage… none of these people would be walking around thinking they’re big shots if it wasn’t for those guys who put it all on the line, because they loved what they did. But we don’t show them any love. It’s like they completely forget about the past and move forward. They suck it dry, keep doing the things they want to do, but don’t remember the past.”

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