Kashmir- ‘Heaven On Earth’ Is Not Just Beautiful But Also ‘Completely Safe’ For Tourists!

You all must have heard that Kashmir is one of the most beautiful place and people refer to it as ‘heaven on earth’ but after the Amarnath attack, people were scared to go to Kashmir. It had also hit the state tourism. However, officials from Jammu and Kashmir have now claimed that the state is “completely” safe for visitors. They said that the tensions in the border areas have “little effect” on its tourism circuit.


The state has a dedicated a tourism police force to assist travellers, especially in Sonemarg and Gulmarg areas. A senior official of the northern state said on Friday that the attack on Amarnath pilgrims last year was an “isolated incident to scare away visitors”. The director of the tourism department in Kashmir, M A Shah, asserted that such attempts will not succeed.

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