JR On Mayweather's $20 Million, Morrison As WWE Champ, Triple H's Rep, More

Jim Ross is back on his official website with a new Question & Answer segment. Below are highlights:

On Referees in the Hall of Fame and moving the event to Friday:
Thanks for the kudos….refs are eligible for the HOF and some day I am sure one will be inducted. I don’t know the voice over guy’s name, as he is an out of house voice over talent, but he has some pipes without fail. Speaking of the Hall of Fame, I would like to see it moved to the Friday before Wrestlemania instead of the night before.

On TNA using parody gimmicks of Macho Man and Stone Cold:
Who cares? Stone Cold certainly doesn’t. Why should we?

On Jon Morrison becoming the WWE Champion:
Morrison is an exceptional athlete, but I think he has some more miles to travel before he wears WWE gold. He’s on the right track, nonetheless.

On Triple H’s backstage reputation:
HHH gets a tough rap without question. He stands up to the pressure well though, which is admirable. I know HHH’s father in law better than most and I can assure you that if HHH was merely average HHH would not be in main events. He’s there because he is good and has earned his spot.

On the hectic travel schedule:
I firmly believe that the travel schedule is everyone’s enemy. I am not a fan of being on the road 51 weeks a year I assure you. If someone said to me that you are coming off RAW and just going to announce the PPVs, I most likely would be disappointed, but would “get over it” sooner than one would think. I would suggest the bigger bodied guys have more travel issues than the others, but it is not fun for anyone especially when there is no off season.

If he would ever go anywhere else after WWE:
I have great respect for ROH but when my WWE days are over that will most likely be it for me as far as wrestling goes.

On Floyd Mayweather’s “$20 million” WrestleMania Paycheck:
Speaking for The King, we are happy you enjoy listening to us. We are taking the “high road” more these days but we will still make you smile occasionally, I hope. I don’t know the exact amount of Floyd’s check for WM24 but the $20M sounded high from the get go but no one can deny that Mayweather and Show were pretty damned amazing in Orlando.

You can read the segment in its entirety at this link.

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