JR Blog Report: Brock Lesnar, Cena's Return, Michael Buffer, Superbowl & More

Source: JRsBarBQ.com

Jim Ross is back with another blog entry from his official website. Here are the wrestling-related highlights:

– The biggest news to come out of the weekend was the surprising return of John Cena, who some WWE fans seemingly dislike as much, if not more than they did before John was injured and underwent pec surgery to repair a torn tendon. As I have said before, when fans pay their hard earned cash they can cheer or boo for whomever the hell they choose. This is certainly not to say that John Cena doesn’t have a legion of fans, because I can tell you from his merchandise numbers that John does. I was backstage at MSG pretty much all afternoon Sunday and NEVER saw Cena one time. I am under the impression that John did not arrive to the arena until after the event started, but that’s an assumption. When I talked to John on Monday he said he was feeling great and was healthy, that he had rehabbed extra hard for his return and was bench pressing around 400 pounds, which sounds pretty damn healthy to me. One of Oklahoma’s strength coaches was Cena’s coach in college and said that John was strong as a bull when he arrived on campus as a freshman and spent more time in the weight room than any other player on Springfield College’s football team. That doesn’t surprise me considering Cena’s work ethic.

– Broadcasting the Rumble match with 5 other announcers is a challenging piece of business. Unlike the Money in the Bank Ladder match that multiple announcers did at WM23, the Rumble match is so long and diverse with 30 multiple entrants that it is tough to maintain continuity while hearing so many voices and trying to insure that everyone has a chance to “get in the game.” I would have been happy to have sat that one out if that decision had been made even though I thoroughly enjoyed the Rumble match.

– I am surprised that Cena is not waiting until Wrestlemania 24 to have his WWE Title bout with Champion Randy Orton, but with only a three week window to promote No Way Out, the Cena-Orton match is “made” and will hopefully, along with the star laden Elimination Chamber, encourage fans to invest in a PPV so soon after the Royal Rumble.

– Ring announcer, Michael Buffer, who strolled into the Garden Sunday to do one match for what I am sure was a handsome payday, was allegedly not overly approachable on Sunday, according to some. The King said Buffer was somewhat aloof when Jerry attempted to strike up a conversation with the accomplished ring announcer, but I never had the occasion to converse with Buffer so I don’t know if he is simply reserved, somewhat introverted, or was simply jet lagged.

– There is lots of interest in the Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir UFC 81 fight coming up this weekend. Insiders tell me that Lesnar is essentially a lock to win this one. I wouldn’t go so far as to guarantee a Lesnar win, but Brock winning would be really huge for the UFC at a time when they need a succession of financial, big hits. The UFC is counting on Lesnar becoming a big time success, but there are no guarantees in the MMA arena regarding who makes it and who doesn’t.

– Dr. Death Steve Williams will be wrestling in OKC this Saturday night in the Capitol Hill area. The local promoter has bouts in OKC somewhat frequently and Doc is making another appearance inside the ropes come Saturday night. I remain amazed that Doc is able to continue to compete after such a battle that he had with throat cancer. God does some amazing things.

– I thought many young WWE Superstars had impressive outings during the Rumble match including Cody (Rhodes), John Morrison and C.M. Punk, among others, who all have potential.

– The Super Bowl media blitz this week is almost too overwhelming. I have no dog in this fight but I lean toward the Pats, but not by the 12 points that they are favored. If the G-Men can harass Tom Brady like the folks from TMZ seemingly do, then New York has an excellent chance in winning. NYG establishing a consistent running game and keeping Touchdown Tommy and his crew on the sideline for long periods of time will go a long way in assisting the Giants in scoring the upset and not allowing New England to make history by running the table.

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