Jinder Mahal Reveals Injury Heading Into WWE Clash Match, Jim Cornette On Y2J vs Omega, Total Divas On Hiatus (Videos)

As seen in the promo video above, Total Divas is on hiatus until January 3rd, when the show will return with two episodes focusing on SummerSlam in New York City.

Jinder Mahal Injured Heading Into WWE Clash Match?

The following video has been released, and it features Jinder Mahal training and doing a workout assessment with Athlean-X, and a synopsis of the video has been released below.

It’s interesting to note that the synopsis for the video reveals Mahal has been dealing with a shoulder injury which Mahal previously denied having. Below is the synopsis, along with the video:

When WWE superstar Jinder Mahal visited the ATHLEAN-X gym the other day for an injury assessment and workout, we captured it all on film. In this video, you’re going to get a behind the scenes look into what goes into being one of the top wrestlers in the business and the type of attention paid to his workouts and training to make sure he not only gets to the top but stays there.

Jinder Mahal is the epitome of hard work. Nothing has come easy for him. His work ethic and desire to be the best have propelled him from the middle of the card on the WWE roster to one of the top talents in the company. It is therefore no surprise when you see the level of determination he has and the focus with which he approaches his training as I witnessed in his recent trip to the X-box.

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After competing in a match the night before against AJ Styles, Jinder came in a bit banged up. Not only was his previously injured shoulder (torn labrum) barking but so was his non-injured right shoulder. Unsure of how exactly it happened, I put him through an evaluation to try and determine root causes that could be longer standing and contributing to the reoccurrences.

What became apparent quickly is the trap dominance that Jinder has developed in his physique. Nearly every overhead move is initiated and highly contributed to by the upper traps with very little activation of the lower traps. This not only leads to a physique imbalance, but more importantly, structural imbalance that can lead to injury down the road.

Jim Cornette On Jericho vs Omega

Below is the latest edition of “The Jim Cornette Experience”, featuring host Jim Cornette discussing the current state of pro wrestling and the much anticipated Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega match at Wrestle Kingdom 12: