Jim Ross Q&A: Austin vs. Punk, Owen Hart In WWE HOF?, Politics In WWE

The following are highlights from a recent Q&A with WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On rumors that he was drunk at the WWE 2K14 symposium: “I wasn’t but thanks for asking.”

On Daniel Bryan not holding the WWE Championship for any real length of time: “I think Bryan is more popular today than he ever has been. I’ll enjoy the chase.”

On whether or not Bill Watts ever owned a part of Georgia Championship Wrestling, and talent-sharing in those days: “WATTS at one time owned a piece of Georgia. Talent trades were not unusual in those days either way. JYD & others wrestled in Atlanta.”

On what The Undertaker’s reaction was following the infamous Hell In A Cell match at King Of The Ring 1998: “That was 15 years ago. I really don’t recall. He was likely spent.”

On chances of a Steve Austin vs. CM Punk match in WWE: “Seems like that ship has sailed but I’m merely guessing. I’d love to see it.”

On politics in WWE: “I think politics are overrated and discussed usually on hearsay & by disgruntled individuals. Cream always rises to the top w/ few exceptions.”

On the subject of wrestling newsletters back in the day: “Newsletters weren’t a big topic of open discussion back in the day. Most guys tried to distance themselves from wrestling while traveling.”

On who will replace John Cena as the face of WWE and if a “streak” storyline would work: “I’d say Daniel Bryan is next man up. Don’t see Streak launching a new face of WWE.”

On if Owen Hart will ever be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame: “Likely so. Don’t know when.”

On the career of “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin: “Ronnie was a tough, highly skilled, intelligent in ring talent. Also a pilot. I thought the sharpshooter was a Japanese submission.”

On past WWE Divas in the new WWE 2K14 video game: “I’m not aware of the Diva involvement. Sorry.”

Check out more of JR’s Q&A online at JRsBarBQ.com.

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