Jim Ross On WWE Buying TNA's Tape Library, Iron Sheik, Dudleyz/HOF

The following are highlights of the latest Q&A update by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On whether or not WWE will buy the TNA tape library if they go out of business: “First, I hope that TNA does NOT go under but if they do I could easily see WWE buying their library for the WWE Network.”

On The Dudley Boyz back in WWE and if they should be inducted: “The Dudley’s are a HOF worthy team who can still go in the ring and can help the younger teams a great deal which is their greatest asset in today’s WWE IMO.”

On “enhancement matches” in today’s WWE: “Enhancement matches still have a place in the biz if used judiciously and in a timely manner.”

On his biggest concern for the industry today: “The development of legitimate, new main even stars with staying power.”

On The Iron Sheik’s tweets: “The Sheik doesn’t do is own tweets. The Magen brothers do it and do an entertaining job.”

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