Jim Ross: Khali Is No Andre, Jerry Lawler/Alcohol, King Booker Rumors, More

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry on his official web site. Below are some of the highlights:

– I am currently in negotiations with the WWE to remain with the company for the foreseeable future and those talks are moving along well from my perspective. Unless something pops up unexpectedly, I fully expect to sign a new contract with the WWE in the next few weeks, which has been the goal of the company and yours truly all along. If you want to read the absurd, check out the websites who allegedly have all the details on this matter. Either these sites are talking to someone inside the WWE, who “might” have limited knowledge on this matter, and I stress “limited,” or they are simply running with a rumor and making it a bona fide news story and, of course, we know none of these sites would ever do such a thing, or they have actually talked to me, novel idea, which has not happened. So then, how do these selected wrestling sites know all these alleged details? If any of them want to respond, I would love to know my “real” status with the company and how my contract issues are being addressed internally. Or could you ask your moles to send me a cryptic message just for old time’s sake??

– Some have asked my thoughts on the documentary “Beyond the Mat’. I did not dislike the film and it was well produced and edited. I did feel that it was somewhat one dimensional in that it seemingly showed only the perceived underbelly of the business which is not a true and accurate description of the business as a whole. Plus, I did a ton of work for free on what I was told was going to be a limited released, art film. To the best of my knowledge, no one who appeared on this project earned a quarter. Someone made money on it but it sure as heck wasn’t any of the talents, including yours truly.

– Any Dream Match I could envision with all participants being in their prime would have to include, HBK vs. The Rock, Austin vs. Hulk, HHH vs. Harley Race, Ric Flair vs. Jack Brisco, and Mick Foley vs. Bruiser Brody….to name a few and there could be 100s.

– There are many, many things that Ric Flair can do for the business after his in-ring days have concluded. The list is potentially limitless. However, it takes two to tango and Ric may want to move on to other challenges/businesses outside wrestling. That is a question only Ric can accurately answer. I feel we will see Ric again in the WWE, sooner than later. As I have stated here many, many times I am a big Ric Flair fan and feel that Ric can be a valuable asset for the business for years to come, IF he so chooses.

– Jerry Lawler has never drank a drop of alcohol in his life and when he did the business with Jake Roberts in 1996 Jake did pour liquor in King’s face but Jerry spit it out. For the record, the King hated doing that piece of business because of the alcohol involved.

– If I had to pick one over the other, as it relates to potential match quality, I would probably select War Games over the Elimination Chamber.

– Every company goes thru challenging times and the WWE is no exception. However, I do like what I see regarding the changes the WWE is making regarding beefing up their Wellness Program which some talents and their doctors will apparently go to any length to circumvent. Going public with individuals who fail drug tests is a great start, in addition to suspending, without pay, the individuals who make stupid and ill advised decisions. Its 30 days off without pay for the first violation, 60 days off without pay for the second violation and termination for the third offense. Times and trends are changing, for the better as I see them, but we will still hear about past issues of a generation of two ago from some who enjoy revisiting history for the sake of a story. Perhaps that is fair, as one can’t correct the present or prepare for the future if one doesn’t understand the past, but I do know that the WWE is reaching out to help older, previously contracted WWE wrestlers to offer assistance with any substance abuse issues they may currently have which is a HUGE step forward and shows a renewed commitment to helping these older, veteran talents. However, it always starts and stops with the individual who has to acknowledge that he or she has a problem and then work diligently to solve the matter and then lead a clean lifestyle once the rehab has been successfully completed. Some where along the way don’t you think that personal accountability has to figure more prominently into the equation?

– Regarding the Rock, let’s clarify this one once and for all. The Rock has moved on from wrestling. He is and always will be a fan to a degree because he is a proud, third generation superstar, but he is now a movie star. Moving on for anyone is not a sin and for those that feel that it is please make your comments on that subject elsewhere. To think that Rock has done anything wrong by improving the quality of life, as he sees it, is down right ignorant. There will be no future Rock matches. Can that point be made any clearer??

– Regarding someone beating the Great Khali, NO ONE is unbeatable, including the late Andre the Giant and I assure you that the Great Khali is no Andre the Giant. No one else is either, in all due respect for Khali.

– There have been a fair amount of comments here regarding Booker T leaving the WWE or not. Thus far I would say that Booker’s absence from TV has zilch to do with an alleged “resignation.” Until Booker or the WWE makes this “rumor” official, I have serious doubts that we have seen Booker for the last time on WWE programming. Being north of 40 it might serve Booker well to slow down his road schedule somewhat, but I can’t see the Houston native hanging up his boots just yet. However, that is a question that can only be addressed by one man (Booker) and he has yet to make that announcement. Personally, if I were Booker I would continue to wrestle and make the cash for as long as my body and my mind say “do it”. This matter will most likely be resolved one way or another within the next couple of months or so. Until then, all one hears is rumor, unless it is from Booker himself or the WWE in an official press release.

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