Jim Ross Injured On RAW, Hakushi's Japanese Home & Restaurant Destroyed

– Chris Jericho wrote on Twitter this week that former WWE superstar Hakushi, who had a good run in WWE during the mid-1990s and the early Monday Night RAW era, has been affected by the devastating earthquake that hit Japan last week. According to Jericho, Hakushi’s home and restaurant were destroyed:

IAmJericho: “Former WWE Superstar Jinsei Shinzaki (Hakushi) is livin in his car after his home and restaraunt were destroyed by the earthquake & tsunami”

– On Monday’s RAW, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross made a surprise appearance and wound up on the receiving end of an ankle lock submission from Jack Swagger. Ross wrote on Twitter that he suffered a legitimate injury as a result of the attack:

JRsBBQ: “Ankle & knee have stretched ligaments in ankle & knee. Still sore & swollen but will be ok. X-rays aft swelling goes down. Thnx Swagger/cole”

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(Source: TWitter.com)