Jim Ross Comments On Kurt Angle's Arrest, Possible Raw Guest Hosts, Michael Vick

In a blog posted this afternoon on www.jrsbarbq.com, Jim Ross said Kurt Angle should consider leaving the wrestling industry if he is unable to handle his personal issues.

“I hope that he can recover from this matter and regroup. If regrouping requires Kurt to leave pro wrestling and moving to other endeavors such as acting full-time then so be it,” Ross wrote. “Perhaps the former Olympic Gold Medal winning Freestyle Wrestler in the ’96 Games in Atlanta puts too much physical pressure on himself in an athletic setting and may be more relaxed and happier if movies were his focus is not being a ‘jock.'”

Ross said what occurred with Angle “obviously isn’t working for a legitimately decent human being.” He feels Angle may need to take some time away from the industry in order to reassess himself.

Elsewhere, Ross commented on other topics including who he’d like to see guest host Raw and Michael Vick’s return to the NFL.

Regarding the Raw guest hosts, Ross wrote: “More suggestions for Raw Guest Host ops: Gene Simmons, Dog the Bounty Hunter along with Dog’s wife Beth, Jane Velez-Mitchell on a couple of double espresso’s, no one named “Jackson,” (on second thought, Jesse Jackson might be intriguing especially when he did the obligatory opening show promo), Larry King who could orchestrate a Divas in Suspenders bout, and Memphis Mayoral Candidate Jerry Lawler which is merely a cheap plug on this site for any one who may live in Memphis who I hope votes for Jerry for Mayor. I can assure you that Lawler running for Mayor is NOT a publicity stunt. My old broadcast partner is deal serious. Funny, too, as we rarely talked politics when we traveled together as we both dislike professional politicos who like to hide behind the “public servant” moniker.”

On Michael Vick returning to the NFL, Ross said: “Yes, I do agree that Michael Vick has earned a second chance. It’s now up to Vick to make the most of his opportunity to play football for a living. It comes down to making sound, personal decisions and not hanging with bottom feeders and people with dubious character. Vick needs to surround himself with people like Tony Dungy, allow his Faith to evolve, and put God and Family first. The Good Lord blessed Vick with amazing gifts of which Michael Vick should count his blessings every day…just like the rest of us.”

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