Jim Ross Comments On Jeff Hard Suspension & Low RAW Ratings

Jim Ross has updated his blog at JRBBQ.com and included some of the following comments:

The Monday Night Raw rating, when it was released early this week, was not good. When I saw the rating I felt that it was an abnormally large drop and after reviewing the other programs on against us it seemed that none of them experienced an abnormally large increase for the night. So what happened? Where did the viewers go who failed to watch Raw? What TV show did they tune to Monday Night? All valid questions, but there are few answers except that Nielson, the rating service that provides the all important numbers/ratings for TV shows has stepped forward to indicate that there was technical errors in reporting for multiple shows, as I understand it, on Monday night. I don’t know what the Raw rating will end up being, as I write this, but it was a much better rating than was released on Tuesday that began a “sky is falling” approach by many in the wrestling media, some who almost sounded gleeful that the WWE was being faced with more challenges. I have had the same philosophy for year and that is that I never get to euphoric regarding the high ratings nor will I allow myself to get to low on the bad ones. I adopted that philosophy during the Monday Night Wars when WCW kicked our backside 83 weeks in a row even though I thought on many of those weeks the WWE produced the better TV product. That’s akin to a football team playing a great game and still losing. The bottom line is wins and losses and we lost….83 weeks in a row, so I decided to make a conscious effort to not put my self in a position to stay in a funk or depressed for those 83 weeks. I am not Dr. Phil, but that just doesn’t seem healthy.

– It saddens and greatly disappoints me that Jeff Hardy will be absent from the WWE for the next month or so. Nonetheless, I am happy that Jeff isn’t suffering from a serious injury as has plagued so many wrestlers recently. The WWE could have certainly utilized Jeff’s services during these challenging times and no one can dispute the fact that Jeff’s individual popularity wasn’t building toward an all time high if it wasn’t already there. Everyone is human and as the old saying goes “to err is human” but the timing of these unfortunate circumstances are extremely untimely. The “good news” if one chooses to look for some positive in this situation is that Jeff will be back in time, as I understand it, and he will have an opportunity to still make a big impact in the WWE and then move continuously in a positive direction in his career and finally live his dream of becoming the superstar he was meant to be.

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