Jim Ross Blog: Thoughts On Wrestle Kingdom 9, Calling The PPV With Matt Striker

The following are highlights of the returning Jim Ross blog:

On calling Wrestle Kingdom 9 with Matt Striker: “Matt Striker and I wanted to truly broadcast and not narrow cast this event inasmuch as we focused on the new fans to this brand. Some established NJPW fans have taken me to task on Twitter regarding this philosophy but I would not change a thing. In order for the PPV to make money it had to draw new viewers of NJPW so that was our game plan going in. Having to adjust to new equipment and to each other we had a rougher start than I’d have wanted but as the show progressed I felt like we came together well. Funny story….I think that the TV Asahi folks forget that we were there as we were never counted in to the start the show or to the video packages and not even off the air. We went by our instincts and it seemed to work out pretty well. Yes, we worked the entire four hour PPV plus sat there for the 30 minutes or so pre show festivities and never heard ONE WORD from the TV truck.”

On the final three matches on the WK9 event in Japan: “The final three bouts of the show were as good as I can recall broadcasting in years. Great in ring psychology, a logical pace, uniqueness from match to match, physicality to an almost uncomfortable degree to watch degree and crisp execution. They reminded me somewhat of the WM25 bout between HBK and Undertaker, Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold at WM13 and a handful of Flair-Steamboat bouts. Emotion, execution, and energy all in place with that magnificent, New Japan physicality. It was a fan’s dream.”

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