Jim Ross Blog: Flair On WWE TV? Ventura Running For Senate, Remembering Eddie

Source: JRsBarBQ.com

Jim Ross is back with another blog update from his official website, which you can read here in its entirety. Some highlights:

Jesse Ventura Running for Senate: “I have no dog in the fight whether or not Jesse Ventura runs for the United States Senate or not as I live in Oklahoma and not Minnesota but I wish this matter would come to closure Sooner than later. Like my dad would say, do your business or get off the can, to put it in more acceptable terms for this forum. For the record, I do think that Jesse would be a voice that would definitely be heard in Washington D.C. which might be a good thing.”

Remembering Eddie Guererro: “I will never forget having a long talk with distraught Eddie Guerrero at a WWE PPV because he was in the first match of the night. Eddie looked at it as an insult which is understandable considering his background and old school values. However, Eddie eventually understood how important his role was for that particular show but without question if an athlete doesn’t want to “close the show” they should seek another vocation. Of course the argument can be made that if it is pay-per-view, so what does it matter what match starts the show because the promotion already has the customer’s cash? I think it does matter how the show starts and the earlier the momentum can be established the better. If wrestlers can’t follow the preceding match then they shouldn’t be booked.

Flair on WWE TV This Week?: “I read on the ‘net where Ric was being advertised to appear at Tuesday’s Smackdown taping in his hometown of Charlotte. My money is that this Flair sighting will not be on the broadcast but for the fans in the arena only. But then again, I could be wrong.”

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