Jim Ross Blog: Del Rio's Title Win, CM Punk vs. The Rock, Foley-HOF

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what JR wrote about:

Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Title Win: Really enjoyed the latest edition of Friday Night Smackdown with Alberto Del Rio @VivaDelRio winning the World Title from the Big Show. Of course, the addition of Rock and CM Punk along with Paul Heyman @HeymanHustle did not hurt a thing either.

Seeing a major title change hands, Smackdown Friday night, on a non PPV was refreshing. @SteveaustinBSR won three WWE Titles on Raw broadcasts while Rock and HHH each won two. You can’t convince me that the biggest, TV audience available seeing things such as this didn’t help further establish the aforementioned stars.

Mick Foley in the WWE Hall of Fame: Getting Mick hired in WWE after I became head of Talent Relations was somewhat more challenging but at the end of the day we signed Mick and he, along with Vince McMahon, recreated himself with the Mankind persona … Being in WWE was Mick’s lifelong, wrestling dream and I’m thankful that I was in a position to help Mick, aka Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy, with the opportunity to accomplish amazing feats while in WWE.

CM Punk & The Rock’s Feud: Anxious to see what form that @TheRock and @CMPunk engage one another this Monday in Houston on Raw as they continue to build to what seems to be a potentially lucrative Royal Rumble in Phoenix. The challenge of all great talents, and the truly great one’s relish this, is to top what they did last week. Some individuals are born to be main event talents because they love the pressure to excel and to get better with each outing. Some talented guys over the years and likely even on today’s WWE roster might not be wired to handle the pressure of being “the top guy.”

* More WWE Releases Coming & Big Surprises Planned For Monday’s RAW