Jeremy Borash On WWE Ripping Off TNA: "I Actually Know Who Suggested It"

TNA’s Jeremy Borash recently shed some light on the controversy and speculation around WWE’s recent “Wyatt Family Compound” gimmick match being an actual blatant rip-off of the “Final Deletion” match in TNA between Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, which took place at Matt’s “compound” in North Carolina.

Borash recently appeared as a guest on Wrestling Observer Live and spoke about the issue with show-host Bryan Alvarez.

“Well I can’t divulge what I actually know, but you’re dead-on,” said Borash of WWE ripping off the concept for the “Wyatt Family Compound” match between The Wyatt Family and The New Day on the July 11th edition of RAW, one week after TNA’s “Final Deletion” match on the July 5th edition of Impact Wrestling.

Borash continued, “And the fact it was done, I actually know who suggested it and who got it on, who made it. If you compare the numbers in terms of budget and effectiveness or whatever, I’ll just say I watched it with a smile on my face the entire time.”

You can check out footage of the TNA match above and the WWE match that happened afterwards below.

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