Jeff Jarrett & Dixie Carter Meet With FOX Executives Again Last Week


Both Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett of TNA were in Los Angeles last week to meet again with FOX Network executives regarding TNA Impact moving to two hours. One source caught Jarrett and Carter eating lunch with network executives.

As we reported earlier today, those within TNA are already going off of the plan that Impact will be two hours this fall. While it is presumed that Impact will remain on Spike TV, there is a chance that it could move to another FOX entity. If Impact stays on Spike TV, there are rumors that the network will move all of their UFC programming to Wednesday nights to make room for the extra hour of TNA Impact.

FOX and TNA have also been in talks about a multi-tier deal that would include TNA-branded shows airing on multiple FOX networks. It has been said that FOX executives have also talked about giving TNA a live broadcast weekly.

Carter and Jarrett have been very quiet backstage about the negotiations and often leave their whereabouts a mystery to their staff.

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