JBL Likely Returning, WrestleMania Plans Underway, WWE.com Traffic Numbers

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— It appears as though that JBL is returning as a full-time wrestler. There has been talk for several weeks of JBL giving up his announcing spot on SmackDown. Television producer Kevin Dunn has been auditioning people with Michael Cole to find him a new announcing partner.

— WWE officials had serious discussions this past week about what they want to do at WrestleMania. They’re trying to get a gameplan down and then they’ll start the booking process to reach the destination that is WrestleMania.

— WWE’s official website had 17.6 unique visitors during the month of October, which is slightly higher than usual. That averages out to 567,742 visitors a day. The Shopzone website averaged 710 orders a day, up from an average of 620 per day over the prior three months.

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