Iran:The third Scientific & Sport Seminar on Women, Sport and Media

Tehran, Iran December 7, 2014 – We should believe that in the golden era of scientific improvements, sport has established a high place for itself. Sport is capable to veer the route of the society with a stunning power. Even sometimes it can create unity in one part of the globe. Moreover the topic sport and physical education could be a precious load for creating friendship and peace by exchanging the cultures. For these reasons the authorities and lovers of world sport are to this belief that sport could turn to educational means to inject health, vitality and exchange of science.

Organizing sportive gatherings, scientific seminars could play a major role in exchanging science and information in sport societies. So by this belief and knowledge the Iranian sports Journalists Association (ISJA) attempted to organize a seminar. Its title was “The third Scientific & sport Seminar on WOMEN, SPORT and MEDIA”. It had an especial glimpse to the women, who are half of the body of our society. The main agenda of this gathering was focused on the women in the world sport organization and policy was upon mass media which plays a high role in sport and women and both of them are considered as two important elements.



Goals of Conference

·        Connection with the academic institutions and other par organization for exchange of knowledge and technology in the scope of sports, women and the media.

·        Promotion of the scientific and practical knowledge of  practitioners, women’s sports management, researchers, writers and photographers  of sport of the country for getting new scientific achievements in women’s sports.

·        Accesses to the effective discovered ways and fertility of the potential talents in different levels of women’s sport.

·        Identifying, improving and stabilizing the position of women’s sport in sports media.

      Conference topics

·        Mass media and women’s sport

·        Women‘s management in sport

·        Women’s position in the international sports organizations

·        Ethics and Professional Women’s Rights


Seminar lasted two days, on 6 and 7 December in the Olympic hotel in Tehran capital city of Iran. Dr. Seyed Abdolhamid Amadi vice of Sport and youth minster in cultural affairs and Manoucher Zandi were executive secretaries of the seminar (Both are board member of ISJA). Some organizations namely AIPS, FISU, UNESCO, University of AL ZAHRA cooperated in organizing the seminar. Sponsors were: Ministry of Sport and Youth, National Olympic Committee, Scientific society of Sport management of Iran, House of thinkers of Human science, University of ALAMEH TABATABEE and University of Tehran.

Many persons gave speech to the seminar; I have chosen speech of Dr AHMADI as the sample with following titles:

Women’s sport needs further attention

We have a long way ahead of us for women’s sport

“Approach of the sport ministry is providing more conditions for development women to witness more progress in the future at women’s sport. Considering the importance of women’s sports and advance challenges on it for several years are in circle of attention in our country, for all authorities who have given their service for sport this matter had got more importance. Efforts of all were for doing suitable works for progress of this sector. By noting to the special situations for the sake of cultural values of the country, sport of women is in need of more attentions. Fortunately after the victory of the Islamic Revelation this matter has taken place and we are witnessing that this matter in this section has got a great deal of attention.” Said vice minster.

He continued: “The existence trend shows that we have achieved valuable results. Though we have a long way in front of us, all of us should continue our efforts. Major section of Iran’s society belongs to the women. Their health could be assurance to health of the whole society.”

I hope the media and all officials support the development of women's sports that can be achieved by taking more steps, and this partnership will provide better solutions for the advancement of women's sport .Presence of the Iranian women in the international sport fields by protecting of values and cultural aspects turned our count to one of the pioneer countries. Valuable successes have come to our women. After presence of women in Asian Games of Hiroshima, Japan this section came to more attention. Even The supreme Leader has emphasized to development of these activities and strong presence of sport- women in international fields. Fortunately the president of Iran also emphasizes for creating the equal opportunities for sport of women. In this base the government and Ministry of Sport and youth consider the expansion of women sport as their duty in two measures of public and athletics. “

Dr. Ahmadi added: “I should emphasize that one of the recent year’s success in sport of women is the acceptable results of Inchon games, even a lady athlete took gold medal. Also in Paralympics games of Asia we had notable presence and our women athlete was introduced as the successful sport women of Asia. “
Regarding the approach of the sport and Youth ministry he stipulated that “the ministry is struggling to create a situation in structural dimensions to resolve the obstacles for women. The ministry tries to provide suitable sport halls for easy running of women’s sport activates .At the verge of sixth plan of expansion, this approach is probable that the sport matter of women and its progress in this sixth plan of five year terms to get more attention.”
The president of the Seminar went on: “with some obstacles which are present in the women’s sport, we are witnesses that all are doing their best for removing these obstacles. We see that media day by day is paying more attention to women’s sport. I expect that the sports media especially more influential ones above of all I.R.I.B (national T.V and radio) who are having expanded field of activity to pay more attention towards the women’s sport and its development. We are in need of establishing of sport culture in the society. In this way mass media could play important role by considering the important role of women inside the families .So a great progress could come to the Iranian society.”
As the  last words Dr. Ahmadi sadi “I hope that by vast protection of mass media and all authorities to take high steps in expansion of women’ sport, this partnership and collaboration could conclude to offering better solutions for progress of women’s sport.”





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