Impact President Claims WWE Doesn’t Want the “Broken” Gimmick

As we all know by now, Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff have returned to WWE as their normal selves. The “Broken” characters that made them popular last year have been placed on hold as Impact Wrestling claims that they are the owners of the gimmick. Matt and his wife Reby both claim that they are the sole creators of the character, and lately things have been getting heated between the two sides on social media. Both sides are adamant in their claims, and have not given up in beleving that one side does own the gimmick. Fans have been clamoring for “Broken” Matt and Brother Nero to make their WWE debuts for a while now, but it appears that this may not even be a possibility.
Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm gave an interview to Live Audio Wrestling and was asked about the “broken” characters. He is confident that he owns the rights to the characters, claiming that Impact was the company who invested in the character and put it on television. Then he revealed that their have been talks with WWE, but that they don’t have any interest in using the characters. Nordholm stated: “as far as I know, the WWE doesn’t want the gimmick, and indeed, from every conversation I’ve had with them…I’ve been told they (WWE) have no interest in it.” He later said that he would be willing to speak with the Hardys about working out an arrangement to use the characters, but it would have to make sense from Impact Wrestling’s end.
Matt Hardy had the run of his career last year with the invention of the “Broken Universe”, and while the Hardy Boyz reunion tour has been working nicely since returning to WWE, it will eventually run out of gas. WWE would be foolish not to capitalize on the concept in some way. Matt wrote on Twitter: “Wrestling fans, esp avid online fans, are astute. When you attempt to serve them manure & claim it’s filet mignon, they’ll call you on it.” likely in response to the comments from Nordholm. The battle for the characters will likely continue for a while, and it’s a shame since the wrestling world is missing out on seeing a truly interesting character. If Nordholm is being honest here, which he very well could be, then it may be time to accept the end of the “Broken Universe” for a while. 

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