Huge WWE Executive Pay Breakdown: Vince, Stephanie, HHH Earnings Revealed

The following is a breakdown of WWE executive pay. Senior management within the company currently consists of Vince McMahon (CEO), George Barrios (CFO & Chief Strategy Officer), Michelle Wilson (Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Marketing Officer), Stephanie McMahon (Chief Branding Officer), Paul Levesque (Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events and Creative), Kevin Dunn (Executive Producer), Casey Collins (Executive Vice President of Consumer Products), Michael Luisi (President, WWE Studios), Gerret Meier (Executive Vice President, International), Laura Brevetti (Senior Vice President, General Counsel) and Basil DeVito Jr. (Senior Advisor, Business Strategy).

The current base salaries are Vince McMahon at $1,184,500, George Barrios at $700,000, Triple H at $550,000 (as well as a $1 million per year contract as a talent), Kevin Dunn at $700,000 and Michael Luisi at $600,000.

Actual total compensation, which includes stock grants, for the top WWE executives in 2013 saw Vince McMahon end up with $1,724,958 (McMahon doesn’t receive additional stock grants since he owns so much company stock to begin with). In 2012, McMahon’s earnings were $2,456,359, and in 2011 were $1,111,395. The difference in 2011 was mainly because McMahon earned no additional compensation from profit incentives in 2011. The profit levels needed for incentives to begin for senior management lowered in 2012, so he ended up earning an additional $1.3 million that way.

Also in 2013, Barrios earned $1,378,197. Triple H earned $2,511,331 in 2013. His actual earnings as a talent between match payoffs, as well as merchandise and licensing money was $1,868,639. In 2012, HHH made $2,912,231, which was $488,482 in executive salary, $305,000 in profit sharing incentive bonuses and $2,118,769 as a talent. In 2011, Triple H earned $336,538 as an executive, $74,100 in stock grants and $2,074,042 as a talent, for a total of $2,484,680 for the year.

In 2013, Dunn earned $1,744,184. Luisi earned $1,403,228. Stephanie McMahon earned $778,394 in 2013, $325,000 of which was as a television talent.

As far as WWE stock goes, Vince McMahon is obviously the top earner, with 39,272,641 shares, which has a current value of approximately $1.21 billion. Linda McMahon, who has 9,066,770 shares, which is currently valued at $280.2 million. Stephanie McMahon has 2,511,071, so despite her selling off so much stock last year, with the recent stock increase, she’s still worth about $77.6 million in stock alone. Triple H owns 50,764 shares, which is currently valued at $1.57 million.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)