Hoyt Denies WWE Rumors, Bound For Glory PPV Moved Due To WWE, More

partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— It was reported last week that Johnny Ace had brought up the name of TNA wrestler Lance Hoyt. He said that Hoyt has been calling some WWE officials about joining the company. Hoyt claimed that he could get out of TNA with no problem. Hoyt himself found out about the rumors and put up the following message on his MySpace page (blog.myspace.com/lancewhoyt) regarding them:

Where I stand!

I would like to make a comment regarding several messages and comments that I have received recently. And this is in regards to a rumor that is circulating on the internet.

The rumor is about my status with TNA and the possibilities of me working with the WWE in the near future. Stating that I have been in contact with WWE and oficials.

The Fact is that I am currently under Contract with TNA. And, I have not called the WWE main offcie and Have Not spoken with any WWE officials or represenatives.

As Always I truly appreceiate any and all the support of the fans. You are the ones that make this buisness work. And, I will continue to work very hard to improve myself in all aspects to help better entertain the great fans of Professional wrestling. My hope is to be in the buisness for a long time. No matter where I may be working. But, as of right now nothing has changed and I have no news of anything different.


Lance Hoyt

— TNA planned on holding the Bound For Glory PPV on 10/14 in Chicago, but they pulled out when they found out WWE was holding their No Mercy PPV the week before on 10/7. Other cities under consideration for Bound For Glory include Charlotte, Atlanta, Norfolk, VA and Greenville, SC.

— Dustin Rhodes and Roxy Laveaux have been added to the roster section on TNA’s official website. However, they don’t have any profile pages up on them yet. Going by the website, ‘Roxy Laveaux’ appears to be Nikki Roxx’s official TNA name, not ‘Roxxi Laveaux’. When she made her debut, the graphic read ‘Roxxi Laveaux’.

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