Hemme On Tara Dancing Backstage, Difference Between HHH & Hogan

Former WWE and TNA performer Christy Hemme recently appeared as a guest on “The Tomorrow Show”.

During her appearance on the show, Hemme spoke about differences between Triple H and Hulk Hogan, how you can tell if someone has “it,” what Stephanie McMahon is really like and how politics played a role in her WWE departure. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On how Triple H is all about what’s best for business, while Hulk Hogan is more about what’s best for The Hulkster:

“Hulk is great for Hulk. Triple H is great for business. You know, as far as like, bringing people in, bringing people up…he was always giving to the people…Hulk is like an icon and he is legendary and he is building his own brand.”

On two ways to tell if a wrestler or performer has “it,” and how Sasha Banks definitely has it:

“There’s two things, there’s a feeling. And that’s something you cannot explain. Like, there’s a feeling you get from her when you watch her in the ring, and that, that’s the that “it” factor, right? That’s like, Wow! Like, you know you get little butterflies like in your heart for what she does. Right? And then the second thing is, you know, I always can see the difference between somebody that’s really in it, and not in it with their in between movements. So people do a big move, they do a move, they do a move, all those in-betweens, like in between the moves, where are they? What are they doing? Are they really there? So it’s believable when you see like, like as a piece of art…she’s a feeler. She’s really there, she’s really being.”

On how Gail Kim would win if the TNA Knockouts division were a shoot:

“Everything comes down to passion I think that that wins, and she is probably the most passionate when I picture, as far as being in the ring and physically going.”

On how WWE Hall Of Famer Jacqueline Moore would win if the WWE Women’s division were a shoot:

“She is someone that will put you in your place. She is very strong. She is, she’s amazing. She is really good…You don’t want to mess with her. You don’t. You just don’t.”

On what it’s like to work with Stephanie McMahon:

“I really love her. She is so poised and so powerful and as a female…She had worked on a couple of my segments and I was always lost when she was talking to me in the moments because she is really one of those people that she’s a really good producer…She’s really good at connecting and pulling something out of you that she’s looking for…but she’s softer in like, she’s a warm person. She’s a strong person but she’s a warm person and she’s passionate about the females so she’s always fighting for them.”

On how behind-the-scenes politics led to her WWE departure:

“They asked me to move to OVW to train and I was like YES! I get to go train! Like I want to go work hard, I was really excited. And then when I got there, I was there for maybe a week and then I got the call that I was released. And I was heartbroken. Crushed.”

On why she was released just a week after doing what she was asked to do:

“I’m a strong woman that lives by my morals, and if you ask me to do something that’s not within my morals I will say no. So once I put that you know line down, that’s when I got the axe…It was one specific incident, so I’m just gonna leave it at that, cause I don’t need to go into details…It was not a wrestling related risque thing, I did Playboy…it’s just behind the scenes, politics, politics.”

On a story about Tara (aka Lisa Marie Varon, Victoria) dancing around backstage in TNA:

“They had hired all of these young girls, like millennials to come in and be on the show and there was like, 8 of them, right? And in the locker room, I walk in and they’re all standing around somebody and everybody’s laughing and I’m like “what is happening” and they’re going crazy, and I see Lisa (Tara/Victoria), in the middle of them, spinning around like this, I’m like ‘what are you doing?’ she’s like ‘I just feel so young.'”

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