Helms Speaks On "Super Eric", Jarrett Doesn't Want TNA Stars At HOF, Chris Harris

— Gregory Helms has posted a new blog on his MySpace page talking about TNA wrestler Eric Young’s “Super Eric” gimmick, Jeff Hardy’s current problems, and the WWE Cruiserweight title being retired. On Young’s gimmick, he said, “Honestly, it doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve only met Eric once I think, and I remember him being a good guy and being stupidly funny. Something about a classic wrestler pose that he kept doing was especially hilarious. So, there is no heat whatsoever towards Eric Young.” On Hardy, he said, “I’m amazed that people ask me how I feel about the recent events in Jeff’s life. Jeff is my friend, and Jeff is a great person and I hate when bad things happen to good people. I pray that things pick up for him. Jeff was there for me when I was down, and I’ll be there for him, no matter what. And I will say this; Jeff has given a lot to this business. He’s hurt his body countless times for the mere entertainment and simple excitement of others. He doesn’t ask anything from anyone and he’s put smiles on MILLIONS of faces! Think about that and ask yourself, how many people have you made happy in your life? Has he made mistakes? Who the **** hasn’t? But in my mind, the good he’s done outweighs the bad by a country mile. I’m not making excuses and I know some will disagree, but that’s my opinion.” You can read the entire blog at this link.

— One TNA wrestler is saying that Jeff Jarrett doesn’t want any TNA wrestlers attending WWE’s Hall of Fame ceremony in Orlando, reports ProWrestling.NET. Jarrett told the wrestler it would make TNA look bad if cameras caught him sitting in the crowd. A few TNA wrestlers purchased tickets for the event because they want to see Ric Flair’s induction into the Hall of Fame.

— It’s interesting to note that WWE will be holding their Fan Axxess event at Universal Studios during two TNA Impact taping days. They’re holding the events (featuring the annual video game challenge, not to mention autograph signings) on the Friday and Saturday before WrestleMania from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on both days. TNA is taping the 4/3 Impact on Friday night at 6:00 p.m., and the 4/10 Impact on Saturday afternoon. A few years ago, some TNA wrestlers including Tracy Brooks & Abyss, not to mention a few TV cameras, went to a taping for the Royal Rumble ’05 commercial, which was taking place at Universal. Wrestlers from both organizations got along fine, but when Vince McMahon heard about the ordeal, he got upset to say the least and threatened a lawsuit if any footage shot appeared on Impact or the company website.

— Chris Harris is currently training in Florida Championship Wrestling, reports PWInsider.com. He’s trying to get back in ring shape.

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