Heat On Eric Bischoff, Jesse Sorensen Update, AJ Pierzynski's Wrestling Future

– After Eric Bischoff totally buried TNA announcer Jeremy Borash on Twitter this week, just about everyone in TNA is taking Borash’s side. The general feeling is that Bischoff’s comments were beyond unprofessional and anybody else with less power than Bischoff would have been in very hot water trashing a fellow employee.

– Jesse Sorenson posted the following update on Twitter this week regarding his medical condition:

“After looking over my X-rays and MRI today, (the doctor) says my healing process couldn’t be going any better. Prayer and action cure fear.”

– TNA will tape two episodes of Impact next Monday and Tuesday from Orlando, FL.

– TNA returns to Biloxi, MS with a live event at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum on 3/15 and Pesacola, FL at the Civic Center on 3/16.

– During a recent interview, baseball player A.J. Pierzynski (who has been involved in wrestling with TNA in the past) spoke about a possible return to wrestling. Pierzynski stated that Chicago White Sox conditioning coach Dale Torborg (formerly the “Kiss Demon” in WCW) keeps trying to get him back into wrestling, saying, “Demon keeps trying to suck me back in. We’ll see. We’ll see.”

Torborg added, “A.J. is better suited as a manager. He likes talking trash and then watching me get hit with a chair.”

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(Partial source: pwinsider.com)