HBO Special Report On Wrestling Airs Tonight


HBO’s long awaited expose on the life of pro wrestlers airs TONIGHT. Catch “Real Sports With Bryant Gumble” at 10:00PM eastern. Several former pro wrestlers were interviewed for the segment. Here is HBO’s official preview:

“THE LIFE” – Over the last decade, a host of wrestlers have died before age 45, some from injuries sustained in the ring, others from drug overdoses and others from complications brought on by years of steroid and other drug use. Following the recent suicide of professional wrestler Chris Benoit, Real Sports revisits this disturbing trend. Often, young athletes lured to the industry by the promise of fame and fortune discover a truly lonely existence: On the road for as many as 300 days a year, with no job security, and performing in debilitating pain, they can spiral into depression and drugs. With some in the business saying the industry is to blame, correspondent Armen Keteyian examines why the problem persists and what is being done to remedy it.

Armen Keteyian interviewed Vince McMahon for HBO’s Real Sports back in 2003. That infamous interview is best remembered Vince McMahon losing his temper and trying to smack the papers out of Keteyian’s hands while being questioned.

VIDEO CLIP: Watch Vince McMahon FREAK OUT and LOSE HIS TEMPER on HBO from 2003!!