Hardy Fans Turmoil, Vince McMahon Back On Raw Roster, Free WWE 24/7

— There seems to be a lot of turmoil going on at a fansite of Jeff Hardy called JeffNeroHardy.com. The owners of that site also run the reality TV show site of Jeff Hardy, so presumeably the same thing is going on at that site as well. Here is what a former member of the site had to say in regards to how the owners of the site are reacting to people calling them out on saying that Jeff is taking time off because he’s hurt, and not because he is suspended. The owner of the site said on Jeff’s behalf that he was taking time off to heal his injuries. In actuality, Jeff has been suspended for 30 days for a company policy violation:

“Just an update on JeffNeroHardy.com from a member, soon to be former member of their “Xtreme Board.” Moderators are refusing to acknowledge Jeff’s suspension despite the overwhelming evidence against them. They have even begun banning members of the board for posting rumors and discussion threads about Hardy’s suspension, claiming them to be lies. Many of the boards most respected and active members have left the board because they no longer want to deal with the moderators jumping down their throats for posting the truth.” – TRCWrestler (Formerly Known As Whisp from the XB)

— Vince McMahon’s profile has been placed back on the Raw Superstar page at WWE.com. You can see the profile at this link.

— WWE 24/7 will be free to new subscribers throughout the U.S. during the month of September. Click here for details.

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