Guerrero Family Feud Spills Over Online – Vickie and Chavo Classic Argue On Twitter

On the day of the late Eddie Guerrero’s birthday, Chavo Guerrero, Sr. (a/k/a Chavo Classic) took to Twitter to slam the late grappler’s widow, Vickie.

After Vickie tweeted messages Tuesday remembering Eddie on what would have been his 45th birthday, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion wrote to her, “tell ur followers how u cut off the grandmother of ur children with a letter after eddie passed her son…”

Guerrero, Sr. has repeatedly stated in interviews that Vickie separated herself from his family after Eddie passed away in 2005.

Vickie acknowledged his remarks, stating to her followers, “Anything to do with @chavoclassic has no importance to me or ever has. @mexwarrior (Chavo Guerrero Jr.) is respected and loved by my daughters and I.”

Guerrero, Sr. wrote back, “Then I will write what I want if u don’t like don’t read as far as the injection guerrero the JUdge is in heaven.”

Vickie later deleted her remark, and stated in response to a fan telling them to not fight, “i cant believe my valuable time got caught up with nonsense,,,I’m FREE….enough said. #llessonslearned.”

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