Goldberg Comments On Fans Chanting His Name, WWE Scouting New Talent

– WWE has renewed its efforts to scout new young talent. WWE’s recent training camp at Florida Championship Wrestling where over 20 wrestlers were brought in for tryouts is an example of this initiative.

This summer’s big FCW Summer Slamarama tour with 39 events was Triple H’s idea and another one of the changes he’s bringing to WWE developmental.

– Bill DeMott, the new head of WWE’s developmental program at FCW, is getting positive reviews for his work thus far. In the past, DeMott was characterized as being a bully who would unnecessarily overwork the trainees, but the feeling is that he’s matured a lot since his last stint there and is doing a great job.

– Bill Goldberg has not wrestled in years, but his name has been chanted on both WWE and TNA television in recent weeks (during Ryback and Crimson’s matches). Goldberg tweeted the following about fans comparing these wrestlers to him:

“WWE or TNA ……anytime fans would chant my name years after I’ve retired ….it’s an honor. Glass half-full.”

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