'Gitmo for Children': Trump Administration Reveals Plan to Imprison Families With Kids Indefinitely

Attempting to change two decades of precedent, the Trump administration announced its intention Thursday to lift court-ordered limits on how long migrant children can be detained—a proposal multiple critics promptly denounced as “Gitmo for children.”

The administration said Thursday it intends to enter into the Federal Register new regulations that would allow it to hold families who have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border indefinitely, for the duration of their immigration proceedings—a period that could last years.

“Locking up children indefinitely is cruel and heartless, even for the Trump administration,” CREDO Action campaign manager Nicole Regalado said in a statement. “It is nothing less than an assault on child safety and fundamental human dignity.”

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The proposal flies in the face of the Flores settlement, decided in 1997 and reaffirmed in 2015, which states that immigrant children cannot be held in federal detention for longer than 20 days and that they must not be held in “jail-like” settings.