Gimmicks Involving Humor In TNA, Steiner's Valet, Matches Taped For iMPACT!

– Despite the fact that there has been talk of TNA toning down the humor on their programming, there are no plans to end the new Shark Boy gimmick or Curry Man gimmick anytime soon. The people within TNA are happy with the two humorous gimmicks and feel that they should be fully utilized.

– Mike Johnson of the Professional Wrestling Insider is reporting that Tranesha Briggers (the new Knockout that has aligned herself as Scott Steiner’s valet) will work under the name Rocka Chan.

– The following matches were taped Monday night for tomorrow night’s edition of TNA iMPACT!:
* Team 3D vs. Shark Boy & Curry Man
* Rellik vs. Eric Young
* Chris Sabin vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Homicide
* TNA Women’s Champ Awesome Kong vs. ODB in a street fight
* Also on iMPACT, Kurt & Karen Angle will renew their wedding vows, TNA Tag Team Champions Tomko & AJ Styles will put their titles on the line in a match setup on the broadcast, Jim Cornette will try to get Samoa Joe to sign his new contract, Kevin Nash, Rhino, James Storm, and more.

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