Gargano Turning Heel? Hardy & Jax Latest, New WWE Network Content

Johnny Gargano will be recieiving another shot at the NXT Championship and another chance to defeat Tommaso Ciampa during the NXT Takeover: Brooklyn show tonight. He will be facing Ciampa in a Last Man Standing match later tonight, and although he has been a beloved figure in NXT for years now, could he be inches away from turning heel soon? A recent tweet from Gargano suggests that he could be turning to the dark side very soon. Gargano has been wrestling more aggressively lately and perhaps the heel turn could be made official during Takeover tonight. There’s also the possibility that Gargano could be revealed as the mystery man who attacked Aleister Black and cost him the chance to compete at tonight’s event.


Sometimes you have to give in to the darkness in hopes of becoming something more.. Anger. Suffering. Rage. Hate. Tonight.. Brooklyn. We let it TakeOver.. #LastManStanding
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Matt Hardy and Nia Jax are two notable names in WWE who do not have a match at the SummerSlam pay-per-view tomorrow night. According to an update from PWInsider that backs up a few prior reports, Hardy is indeed going to be taking time off and will be undergoing physical therapy in North Carolina in order to repair a major injury that has begun to affect him. As for Nia Jax, the same report claims that the former Raw Women’s Champion is not dealing with any sort of injury but has been undergoing physical therapy recently. Both competitors are reportedly in Brooklyn, New York, so it is still possible that they will be appearing at some point during the enormous event tomorrow night or on TV later on this week.

There will be a few new bits of content added to the WWE Network right around the time that SummerSlam wraps up tomorrow night. It has already been announced by WWE that a new season of Story Time will premiere on the network immediately after SummerSlam goes off the air, but PWInsider has listed a few other shows that are planned to be released within the next few weeks. In addition to the weekly episodes of shows such as 205 Live and NXT, there will be a new episode of Photo Shoot featuring Charlotte and WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair that will be premiering this Monday night after Raw, and a new edition of This Week in WWE will be coming to the network at 8pm ET this Friday night as well.

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