Galloway Compares Lashley To Lesnar, Talks Wrestling With Lashley For Real

Drew Galloway is scheduled to defend his TNA World Heavyweight Title against Bobby Lashley at Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view, and recently spoke to Total Wrestling Magazine about comparisons between his opponent and Brock Lesnar. Galloway says he feels that Lashley and Lesnar, both decorated amateur wrestlers, are “different kinds of athletes” from most pro wrestlers.

“[Lashley] is like a Brock Lesnar kind of athlete where they can do, literally, absolutely anything. They’re just genetically insane, they train insane, and when they put their mind to something, they’re going to do it,” Galloway said. “He’s the first ever guy to do MMA and pro wrestling at the same time.”

Galloway, who was released by WWE in June 2014, revealed that he and Lashley have wrestled on the mat for real before, and he didn’t have much luck against the former collegiate amateur wrestler.

“I legit have tried him a couple of times, and I’ve legit lost a couple of times where we’ve rolled around the ring together,” Galloway said of Lashley. “I’m willing to do that. I won’t stop.”

You can read his entire interview here. Slammiversary takes place this Sunday, June 12 at the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL.

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