Full WWE SmackDown! Taping Results From Roanoke, VA – Spoilers

Thanks to Rajah.com reader Jay for sending these in:

Dark Match:

The first match (a dark match) was Victoria vs. ??? There were mic/music problems while the divas were introduced. It was a very sluggish match, but Victoria came out the victor.


Smackdown started off with a bang in Roanoke, VA as Edge made his way to the ring to cut an uninterupted promo telling everyone how he was going to beat Batista tonight. He then talked about the Undertaker and that he would get his as well. Very passionate promo. Edge is one of the best mic talkers in WWE at the current time.

The first match was Finlay & Hornswoggle vs. Deuce & Domino. Not much to talk about on this one but Finlay & Hornswoggle came out on top.

Then it was CM Punk vs. Kenny Dykstra. I’m not much of a fan of either of these stars, but they put on a pretty decent match. CM Punk was the winner here.

Then Vince McMahon came on the tron with Rundjen. Vince had him do various imitations of Finlay, Hornswoggle and The Great Khali. Stupid and unamusing, until Khali came up from behind and gave Rundjen a very mean look. The skit didn’t go any further.

Rey Mysterio & Kane vs. MVP & Big Daddy V was the next match. Very high markings for all four competitors as they put on a great tag match. Rey of course bounces off the ropes and flies all over the ring in the match. Rey & Kane the winners here.

The “gun guy” came out to shoot t’shirts at the fans for awhile. JBL got on the mic and told the fans that they were paying there money to see him, and not to get free t’shirts. The “gun guy” then shot JBL in the back with a shirt which made him nearly chase they guy back to the locker room. Not sure if this will make it to air, but they did show replays of it on the tron with Michael Cole laughing, seemingly enjoying the skit.

Then the main event. Edge vs. Batista. A very good match. Best of the night. A back and forth match which lasted about 15 minutes until……..


The lights dim, and…..


The Undertaker stands in the ring. Edge vacates to the aisle and Taker slams down Batista. Then the shocker of the night…

The return of Teddy Long! Who got on the mic and said to the Undertaker that he’s got a message for him. He’s going to tell him the exact same thing Vickie Guerrero told Edge last week. He then goes into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper and reads word-for-word the script that Vickie read to Edge last week. Basically telling him that at Armageddon, it will be Edge vs. Batista vs. The Undertaker in a triple threat match for the World Title.

They also announced that Khali will face Finlay at Armageddon as well.

A very good Smackdown taping. I’d encourage everyone to watch!

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