Francine Discusses Legends of the Arena Event, Meeting Vince McMahon and More

Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest: “Queen of Extreme” Francine
Date: 4/3/09
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel
Additional Contributors: Ben Benya & Erik Clancy

On a broadcast that Patrick Kelley describes as the show that had “all the crazy(swear word deleted) ever” on it, The Interactive Interview basically does a show of former co-hosts! But, this show was as current and funny as you could ever hope for!

We started out with our former superstar guest host, “Queen of Extreme” Francine joining us to talk about her amazing cause, Legends of the Arena. This show of ECW originals will give the original ECW Arena one last send off where all the boys join up and converge on South Philly one last time to meet with the fans and give everyone a show to remember with the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society of America. Be sure and check out that event’s page at

Then, former co-hosts Erik Clancy and Ben Benya join the fun with current co-hosts Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, and Nick Noel in a cluster of insanity that sees MANY different strong personalities clash and a HELL of a lot of funny memories relived.

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– The Queen of Extreme calls into the show for her return to Wednesday Nights for a Wrestling Epicenter show. The interview begins with a discussion of her personal life. She says that her pregnancy is going well and that the baby is “very active” and James informs us that things are going well with Cassie’s pregnancy as well.

– Francine is holding a “Legends of the Arena” show which is going to be a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. She lost both her sister & father to cancer last year and wanted to put on a show that would showcase the ECW Originals and one to serve as a fundraiser for that cause. Since her family went through this, and she wanted to do whatever she could do to make a difference. When talking about the original ECW crew, she says that they are like a family to her and she’s glad that they are willing to help her out.

– She feels its amazing how well alot of the fans remember the original ECW, and says that even alot of younger fans who have gotten a hold of the footage via DVDs or WWE 24/7 and they have expressed interest in seeing the original ECW for themselves live in person. For more information visit Francine’s Myspace Page &

– A new WEW DVD lists Francine as the “Queen of Extacy” and when asked about any kind of name change, Francine says that it must of been a misprint and she had never heard of the new title before. She does indeed still go by the Queen of Extreme.

– The term “ECW” and alot of terms surrounding it are not allowed to be used because WWE owns them all, and she says its hard not to say it.

– On Shane Douglas, she says that they’ve gotten along very well since the Hardcore Homecoming a few years back and every issue they’ve ever had has been worked out now.

– Talking about the “Legends of the Arena” show again, she is looking forward to having a fun night and hopefully it can help out a few unfortunate families.

– Interestingly, there is a Youtube video of Francine in the front row of a very early episode of Raw. She won some contest associated with Wrestlemania and part of the prize was getting a front row ticket to Monday Night Raw. She was limo driven to the event and later she got to doa commercial with Vince McMahon. After that she says she got the bug to perform and that led to her being trained. When asked if she brought it up to Vince when she was signed in 2006, she said that in the one meeting with Vince he admitted to not knowing much of the old ECW, and just assumed that he probably wouldn’t have remembered.

– The interview closes with Francine expressing her joy of having her own family which she admits was her life goal and she’s very happy.