Former WWE U.S. Champ Coming To TNA?, Recent TNA Ratings Winners & Losers

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— There are some rumors going around saying that TNA is interested in former WWE United States Champion Orlando Jordan. However, there is said to be no talk or interest in him.

— For the 5/29 TNA Impact, the show opened with a 1.06 rating for Team 3D & Booker T’s interview, which led to Joe, Christian, Rhino and LAX being involved. Lethal & Val’s wedding angle lost tons of viewers once again as a backstage segment featuring them discussing wedding plans lost 221,000 viewers. As if that isn’t enough, the Dutt & Lethal vs. Hoyt & Rave match with the Ace Young music video following it lost 180,000 viewers and did a 0.77 rating, one of the lowest rated quarters of the year. Between those two segments, the wedding angle managed to lose 401,000 viewers. The show’s biggest gain came from a match between Angelina Love vs. Roxxi Laveaux, as well as a backstage skit in Cornette’s office & Eric Young looking for Elvis (likely piggybacking), gaining 166,000 viewers. Cornette and Kevin Nash in the ring and Awesome Kong vs. a fan gained 152,000 viewers. A match between Rhino and Storm lost 138,000 viewers. The main event featuring Christian vs. Tomko gained 124,000 viewers to do a 0.99 final quarter. Overall, the 5/29 Impact did a 0.94 rating and 1.3 million viewers. The show did a 0.70 in Males 18-34 and 0.94 in Males 35-49, and 0.16 in Women 18-49.

— The 6/5 TNA Impact drew the lowest rating of the year with a 0.86 rating and 1.1 million viewers, although it was going up again the opening game of the NBA finals. The show did a 0.52 in Males 18-34 and 0.74 in Males 35-49, A match between Velvet Sky and ODB drew a modest 13,000 extra viewers. What followed was the lowest rated quarter hour for TNA in over a year. Eric Young looking for Elvis, a taped Sting interview, and a Jay Lethal bachelor party segment lost 128,000 viewers and did a 0.70 quarter hour, the worst quarter hour rating in over a year. The X-Division King of the Mountain match featuring Kaz, Chris Sabin, Curry Man, Jimmy Rave, and Johnny Devine gained 64,000 viewers. The Awesome Kong vs. Daffney match gained an astounding 320,000 viewers, one of Impact’s biggest rating growths of the year. An Abyss promo, Joe-Nash confrontation and another bachelor party segment gained 26,000 viewers. Kip James & James Storm & Lance Hoyt vs. LAX & Matt Morgan plus a Steiner & Williams promo and the Kurt & Karen face-off lost 154,000 viewers. The main event pitting Styles & Tomko gained 26,000 viewers and finished at 0.92.

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