Former WWE Star Virgil Selling His Memorabilia In NYC Subway Stations

In a strange “Where Are They Now” sighting, former WWE superstar Virgil is currently selling his wrestling memorabilia in New York City subway stations. A fan at the message board posted the following on Friday:

“Yesterday I was on my way home from work. I was navigating the subway station just as I usually do, however something was different. Instead of the usual guys selling toys or making balloon dogs, there was The Man, The Myth, The Legend…. He had his usual stack of photos and 2 name placards. I was in such shock I doubled back, just so I could get this video for you guys.”

“[W]hen I made the pass the first time I saw him talking to somebody holding their wallet and then the person began laughing and walked away.”

Here’s the video he posted:

Another fan saw Virgil earlier in Grand Central Station and said he was able to buy a photo of Virgil for $5 (he haggled him down from $5). Twitter user @Stadiuminsider tweeted this photo of Virgil in the subway station:

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