Former WWE Star In Rehab Update, Plans For Cade & Murdoch, Thorn Update

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Former WWE wrestler Sean “X-Pac” Waltman is still in rehab (on WWE’s dime), but should be out in a week or two. Once released he will be resume his wrestling career in AAA in Mexico.

— WWE is splitting Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch up so that Cade can be pushed as a singles wrestler. WWE feels that Cade is the more talented of the two and so he will be the one getting the push. WWE is hoping to move Cade up to upper mid-card level by having him feud with babyface wrestlers on the level of Chris Jericho & Jeff Hardy. With Cade’s size and working ability, some feel that he’s been underutilized. So where does this leave Trevor Murdoch? He will likely wind up with a lower-card babyface comedy role now that he has a singing gimmick.

— Former ECW wrestler Kevin Thorn is now living in Tampa and appearing on Florida Championship Wrestling shows. He is back using his Kevin Thorn gimmick after being moved to OVW earlier in the year working under his real name and with no apparent gimmick other than just a guy in wrestling tights. He is one guy that for some reason WWE will not give up on as his latest stint in developmental is actually his fourth, which may be a record (pre-Mordecai, sent down for a year more for seasoning before being released in a talent purge, as well as some appearances in OVW in the middle of 2006 before his call-up to ECW). Most guys in WWE only get one shot as they either make it or get cut.

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