Former WWE Diva Talks About Leaving The Company Due To An Eating Disorder

The following is an excerpt from a new interview with Shaul Guerrero (aka Raquel Diaz), who talks about leaving WWE back in 2012 due to an eating disorder.

“Actually, I went into rehab for an eating disorder. I was really close to Joey Mercury when I was in FCW, he was my mentor/coach. He ,along with the strength and conditioning coach, noticed that I was really sick and I was just not mentally okay and physically doing a really bad job of doing what I needed to do and they finally convinced me to go into rehab for a long time disease I had.

I took two months off and stayed in an (rehab) facility and from then on, I didn’t know how to come back to wrestling and still keep my recovery intact because this business is very much based on how you look. I was just not ready for that kind of challenge so I took a whole year off and really focused on myself and really needed to get health mentality, emotionally and spiritually.”

Check out the complete interview below.