Former Impact Heavyweight Champion Backstage At Last Night’s RAW

It was previously reported that there were a few big names of previously injured WWE Superstars backstage at last night’s RAW, but they were not used in any form or way into the storylines and they didn’t make their returns yet. These superstars were revealed to be Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Alicia Fox and R-Truth. WWE Superstar Paige, who is currently working as a manager for Absolution due to recently sustained injury, revealed in her Instagram Story that former Impact World Heavyweight Champion James Storm was also backstage at last night’s episode of RAW from Atlanta.
Storm briefly worked for the WWE under the NXT brand in 2015 but returned to Impact and worked there until leaving in November 2017. There has been no recent talk of Storm returning to the WWE, but it will interesting to see if Storm will be signed by WWE down the road. Below is a fan screenshot from Paige’s IG Story with Storm:

Ooo just seen on Paige’s Insta Story James Storm is backstage on RAW!! ??
— ??????J ?? (@SabbathCostello) April 2, 2018

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