EuroVolley: Terrific Ane Buijs’ play insufficient. Germany overjoyed

Another exciting thriller was delivered by players in pool A of the Women’s EuroVolley. The hosts of Germany overcame the Netherlands after five sets game in front of 6,500 thousands local fans in Halle. “Oranjes” were held down despite brilliant attitude of Ane Buijs. Second meeting of the day brought not as many as experiences like the previous Saturday’s match. Turkey sorted Spain out in three straights sets.



Germany – The Netherlands 3 – 2 (27-25, 20-25, 22-25, 25-23, 15-9)

Germany: Waiss 3, Brinker, 15, Furst 23, Kozuch 22, Brinker 9, Ssuschke-Voigt 12, Durr (L) and Hanke 6, Hippe 6, Thomsen
Netherlands: Stoltenborg 5, Buijs 22, De Kruijf 12, Flier 3, Grothues 11, Steenbergen 8, Knip (L) and Plak 2, Pietersen 12, Dijkema, Renkema

The Netherlands started out strong with good serves by Femke Stoltenborg and took a 6-1 lead in the first set. As a result of this Giovanni Guidetti have to called an early time out. It seemed that he found the right words, the German Team eliminated the leadership at 14-14. Margareta Kozuch and Christiane Fürst set the pace with strong attacks and blocks during this time. From now the enthusiastic fans saw an balanced duel on a high level which was decided by two blocks from Christiane Fürst in the tie-break of the first set (27-25).

In the second set the Netherlands call the shots again (4-1), before the German Team responded with a solid attack and a Christine Fürst in a genial mood. Germany went up to 16-14. But the Team of Gido Vermeulen knows about the German problems in the reception today and struggle their best performance. Robin de Kruijf scored five times and found every gap in the German block. However the guest from near the border finished the set with a five points lead (25-20).

In the third set Guidetti tried to changed his team on two important positions. Wing Spiker Saksia Hippe and Setter Denise Hanke should get their Chance for Margareta Kozuch and Kathleen Weiß to call out a new spirit in a nervous team. But the situation didn´t became better. The Netherlands dictated the pace of the game with an early 8-5 lead. The hosts could not compensate their bad performance at the beginning and have to accept their defeat. For the Netherlands Captain Maret Grothues convinced with 67% successful attacks (25-22).

Germany started very motivated in the fourth set but the score remained very close until the final phase of the set (21-20), but it were the Germans which did not relinquish the lead up to the end of the game (25-23). In the tie break, Germany went up to 11-9 . After that it was Denise Hanke who made the difference and decided the game with three aces in a row. For Team Germany Christiane Fürst played an immense role and was the top scorer of the game with 23 points. On the other side Anne Buijs performed very well with 22 points.

Team Stats:

Team/ActionSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeReception pos.Unforced ErrorsGermany6943%101757%24Netherlands4844%14346%13


Team Leaders:

Action/PlayerPointsSpike PointsSpike %Spike errorsBlockServeUnforced ErrorsMargareta Kozuch221636%15038Ane Buijs222057%1205



Spain – Turkey 0 – 3 (13-25, 19-25, 15-25)

Spain: Munoz 2, Gomez 2, Bonilla 5, Rivero 2, Sanchez 5, Fernandez 11, Castano Sarrias (L) and Araco 1, Collar 7, Esteban 1, Delgado
Turkey: Aydemir 1, Sinsirma 9, Toksoy 11, Darnel 12, Tokatlioglu 11, Cansu 3, Karadayi (L) and Onal 1, Avci 1, Camberci, Guler

Right from the beginning, the favourites from Turkey set the pace and controlled the score quite easily (8-3). The Spanish team had no chance against one of the medal candidates. Consequently, Turkey sailed to a quick 25-13 set win.

In the second set, the Turkish Team continued their forceful game to give Spain a hard time (8-4). Turkey’s captain Neslihan Darnel dominated with five points (57 %) in attack. The team of head coach Massimo Barbolini logically dominated throughout the entire set and thus extended their lead to 2:0.

Turkey kept momentum in the third and last set. Captain Neslihan Darnel continued to play the leading role in the Turkish team and wrapped up the set 25-15 and the match 3:0.

Turkey captain Neslihan Darnel: “It was a good game for us. Now we fully concentrate for Sunday’s top match versus host Germany.”

Turkey head coach Massimo Barbolini: “I´m really satisfied with the match. For us it was important to continue on a high level. We would like to finish Pool A on the first rank.”

Spain head coach Francisco Hervas: “We played against a strong opponent. The result says all about the game. But I´m glad with the performance of my team.”

Team Stats:

Team/ActionSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeReception pos.Unforced ErrorsSpain2735%5442%19Turkey4157%6974%9


Team Leaders:

Action/PlayerPointsSpike PointsSpike %Spike errorsBlockServeUnforced ErrorsIsabel Fernandez11873%1302Neslihan Darnel12960%1123Click Here: cheap sydney roosters jersey

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