Elite Joke About Scurll Signing With NXT, How BTE Is Their RAW

As previously reported, The Young Bucks, Hangman Page, Marty Scurll, Kenny Omega & Cody [Rhodes] were recently guests on Talk Is Jericho with reigning IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho. During the interview on board Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea Cruise, Cody talked about the big production The YouTube Series Being The Elite has become. Scurll then explained what Being The Elite means to the former Bullet Club subgroup. Also, the group joked about Scurll leaving The Elite to join NXT.
According to Cody, Being The Elite has become a very big production, as seen below:
“It has gotten to the point where there is now an infrastructure behind it. The vernacular being used, it’s, ‘hey, let’s wrap up Marty,’ ‘so that’s a wrap on Marty.’ There’s a script. There is rolling, there’s full action, we’re trying to wrap as many cast members as we can.” Cody said, “but Hangman, I guess this is something you get in college – I didn’t go to college, and Nick, they are master editors all-of-a-sudden. Hangman has been editing with Nick on the show on the ship as we go.”
Scurll then called BTE The Elite’s version of WWE Monday Night RAW and suggested that The YouTube sensation provides the group with even more exposure than WWE’s flagship television program gives its Superstars, as seen below:
“I think, also, Being The Elite is our chance to connect with the audience because in pro wrestling, without that connection, it’s just two guys beating each other up, two guys or two girls, so it’s almost like our Monday Night RAW, but if anything, we probably get more time with out audience than you would on RAW. If you go on RAW, and you’ve got a three-minute match, and you’ve got to make the best of it, but here we have a weekly show where the audience is getting to know us, getting to know our characters, getting to know what we’re up to in our day-to-day lives, so they have that connection with us, so they care more about us, and they want us to do well, and they want to be entertained.” Scurll added, “so it’s really a big part of us giving back to the fans, I’d like to think.”
When asked if the group would in fact stick together for their next contracts, Cody joked that Marty will leave The Elite to sign with NXT. Marty suggested that he would not go to WWE developmental because he would not be allowed to take steroids anymore to which Omega responded savagely, as seen below:
“Well, actually, Marty just told me he’s going to NXT,” Cody deadpanned. “He didn’t, he didn’t. Marty can’t leave.”
“You can’t do steroids in NXT, Cody!” Scurll replied.
“Tell that to half the roster, buddy!” Omega said.
“Oh! Kenny Omega after dark! Oh!” Cody reacted.
You can check out the entire interview The Elite had with Chris Jericho at Player.Fm.