ECW On Sci-Fi Taping Results (08/26) *Spoilers*

WWE taped this week’s edition of ECW on Sci-Fi from the Wachovia Center in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Special thanks to Wrestling News World reader Katie for text-messaging the following results. If you are attending a WWE event in the near future and would be interested in assisting with our weekly live coverage please email me your name, mobile number, and show date to wnwryan [at]

* A WrestleMania XXIV video package is shown.

* The crowd is very lively for the small venue.

Dark Match:
* D-Lo Brown b. Jake Hager
– D-Lo got the win with the lo down.

ECW On Sci-Fi: (Airing Tomorrow)
* Tiffany introduces Theodore Long. A ECW Championship Scramble Match is announced for Unforgiven. Qualifying matches will be held throughout tonight’s taping.

* Matt Hardy b. John Morrison
– Hardy got the win with Twist of Fate.

* Backstage is Theodore Long, Tiffany, and Mark Henry. Mark is upset about being in the scramble. Teddy informs him that one, two, or three belts could change hands — could his be one?

* The Miz b. Evan Bourne
– The Miz earns a spot in the scramble at Unforgiven.

* Chavo Guerrero b. Tommy Dreamer
– Chavo gets the win with a frog splash. He’s now earned a spot in the scramble.

* Finlay b. Mike Knox
– Finlay got the win using his shilelagh. He got the last spot in the scramble. Hornswoggle at ringside to celebrate.

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